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One question that I get asked every now and then is the list of tools that I use on a day to day basis to keep my online marketing business running. So, if you have the same question then this is the most updated list of Tools that I use to keep my SEO business running on a day to day basis.

Domain Registrar

Although there are hundreds of domain registrars out there but many of them have trust issues, and i do not trust my money site with any cheap ones at all. Another thing is no matter which registrar you use a top level domain like .com, .net. .org costs $9-$15 range. So, I always go with two of the most popular registrars.

Godaddy: If you are just starting your career as on online marketer then Godaddy would be the best option for you. After you open an account on Godaddy, you can buy your first domain just for $2. But for that, you need to look for $0.99 coupons on popular coupon sites. In general each .com domain on Godaddy costs: $9-$11.

Namecheap: My Second favorite registrar is Namecheap. They have a very each User interface and they are really fast when it comes to propagating Nameservers. But the most important point that made this registrar my favorite is it’s free 1 year Whois protection service. If you don’t like people bugging you again and again for links using your name that are on whois.domaintools then this whois tool is a must for you. Whois tools also help you remove any footprint that might reveal the identity of the owner of PBNs.

Enom: Recently I have started buying domains from Enom as their customer service is very good. Although they charge for whois protection, but they provide you an option to change the initials of the owner as you like.Hence you can use any fake details as the owner, manager of any domain.


Benefits of using premium hosting providers is that they have 99.9% uptime, and their customer service is always responsive and pretty good.
Dreamhost: I have been using Dreamhost for a while now and this hosting provider is my most favorite one. I am currently using this hosting for both my niche and authority websites. And their customer service is the best one there is. None of my websites hosted on Dreamhost ever went through downtime hence Dreamhost has always been on top of my list.
Hostgator: Love The old Cpanel style hosting interface? Don’t like spending hours to get a WordPress website up and running? Hostgator is the one for you. My web agency penciltagdesigns.com always refers HostGator to clients as it is easy to navigate and their customer service is very responsive. They also provide customer service through phone call so that’s a big plus in my book.
Bluehost: I have started using Bluehost a lot these days as they provide a blazing fast hosting service. I am not talking about their high-end WordPress or VPS service. Their shared one does a pretty good job. Plus everytime you buy a shared hosting account from Bluehost they provide you several $50-$100 marketing coupon that you can use for Google AdWord and Bing ads to get up and running with your online business.
ipage: Last but not the least, if you are short on cash then ipage would be the solution for you. Their service is good and I use their hosting to host my sniper affiliate site. One thing I don’t like is that you need to transfer your domain to their personal registrar to fully host the website on their hosting. The propagation process takes around 48hrs to 72hrs which is let down. But ones it’s done the $12 per year service that ipage hosting provides does a pretty good job. Customer service is very responsive as well.

Social media marketing tools

Social media marketing is booming right now. By perfectly using the power of social media, you can easily build a profitable empire. Take Tai lopez, DJ khaled, Grant cardone as an example. So, here are few of the apps i am currently using to build an army on followers on social media platforms.
Facebook app: Facebook app is my daily handy dandy tool to create visual content. I use this app to do live streams and then download the app on my computer, slice it, and upload it on various platform like Snapchat, instagram and youtube
FB down video download (Chrome extension): After i do a live video on Facebook, i download the video as an HD recording using a Chrome extention called FB down video downloader. They best part about this extension is that it download any video from Facebook as a High definition video that you can use to create more content later.
Snapchat: Snapchat is booming right now. The best thing i like about snapchat is the it’s follower retention rate. According to my experiment snapchat followers are more active and more engaged then the followers from any of my other social media accounts. If you are still not using snapchat, you are missing a lot.
Instagram: Instagram is the holy grail when it comes to growth hacking. Because of it’s versatile user platform, you can get more followers faster on instagram then any other social media marketing platform. Now with insta stories, and filters getting followers have become easier then ever.
video – splitter / vplitter (ios app): Video-splitter app helps me to split my long videos on short sections that i can upload on snapchat and instagram to make dozens of content from a single video content that i record on usign facebook live. It’s a must download app if you ask me.
Twitter: Twitter is a wonderful platform to find influencers to get connected with. Using hashtags and subjective search, you can easily find the most influencial individuals in your industry to get connected with.